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How Is AIOps Transforming the Future of IT Operations?
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Did you know that Artificial Intelligence began as an experimental program? However, as the global spending on Artificial Intelligence stood at over $118 billion in 2022 and continues to grow, it’s become apparent that this is one experiment that’s here to stay and will completely transform the way business operations are undertaken.

Solar Asset Management: The Complete Guide in 2022
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In the past decade, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have increased worldwide. The rise of PV is attributable to many factors, most notably the dramatic decrease in the cost of solar PV modules. Increasing the number of PV systems requires effective solar asset management (SAM).

Understanding Various Optical Amplifiers
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An optical amplifier amplifies light as it is without converting the optical signal to an electrical signal, and is an extremely important device that supports the long-distance optical communication networks of today. The major types of optical amplifiers include an EDFA, FRA, and SOA.

Understanding ITU-T Standards for Various Optical Fibers
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New 5G optical network architecture requires high bandwidth and low latency. Therefore, the providers of fiber optic cables are all gearing up to meet the challenges to manufacture new 5G related products for 5G network deployment.

Fire Resistant Test Standards – explained!
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In addition to complying with LSZH flame retardant (FRT) tests (IEC 60332, IEC 60754, and IEC 61034), LSZH FR cables are also tested to IEC 60331-21, BS 6387 or SS 299 to ensure that the fire-resistant cables maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions.

3 Tips for Monitoring Wireless Industrial LANs
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Wireless networking is a cornerstone of the “smart factory” concept, which requires the collection and transferal of data regarding the manufacturing process.

Digital Transformation Challenges
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IDC’s research shows that small businesses are growing their revenue 8X faster than their digital indifferent counterparts.

The Top 10 Essential Asset Management System Requirements in 2022
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This blog will describe the top 10 IT asset management requirements and their importance.

NTT Data Connected by Ecosystem: Social Transformation via AI Solution
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AI inside provides a platform with the mission of bringing AI to people and things to contribute to a richer future society.